We Wear Short Skirts!!!

Am I the only one that was in love with the commercials back in the late 80’s and 90’s? I remember dancing around the house every time the Nair commercial came on. Just prancing around singing, “ We wear shorts short, if you dare wear short shorts, Nair for short shorts.” These were the times. Now, I want to prance around the house singing, “ I love short skirts, yes! to short skirts.”

Diva Curves - The Best Kept Secret

As a little girl, I loved “television hour” with my grandmother or mom. I loved to watch the ladies on television walk around as if they owned the room with their fitted dresses, perfect makeup, and shapely bodies. I would wonder why those women walked around with a big belt across their midsection. Not knowing the ladies were waist training back in the day. I am not a fan of waist trainers but I am a fan of a shapely body.

The Come-Back Denim

Where are my 70’s babies? Any 80’s babies in the house?......If you are a 70’s or 80’s baby you probably remember denim dresses taking over the fashion industry in the ‘90s.

Denim is a classic fabric that has become a part of too many trends to name.  True fashionistas have tried at least one denim trend. Don't be ashamed now. Lol. Embrace your trendiness.
One of my fave trends is the denim dress. Ooh, I think I just experienced a “Fashion High” just from the thought of it.

The denim dress is making a comeback and with true form it comes with multiple styles and unlimited options. Come on ladies. Embrace the denim.