Taking It To The Maxi - Day 2 - The Palm Print

The next must have maxi of the season is a "PALM PRINT". Nothing screams summer and beach time like a palm print. For those days when you just want to escape the daily tasks of life, a palm print can help take us away like Calogon...lol....Yes, I just showed my age.

Taking It to the Maxi - Day 1 - The Goddess Inspired Maxi

Yesterday officially marked the first day of summer, so we are taking it to the maxi this week on The Real Sample Size. I know you are probably wondering what I am talking about. This week is all about the maxi dress. Every woman owns at least 3 great maxis to endure the summer's heat. Taking it to the maxi is a series of MUST HAVE MAXI'S of the season.

The first must have maxi of the season is an OFF-THE-SHOULDER MAXI. The off-the-shoulder maxi is an instant slay no matter the occasion. You will definitely be the star of the show with exposed shoulders. It is just something about exposing your shoulder that gives the look a hint of sexiness. Who does not want to be sexy? 

The Chambray Dress

I live for great denim. It is an all-time favorite. It is like hitting the lottery when you find that great denim that hugs your curves and flatters your butt. Who does not love denim, right? Well, now that temperatures are at an all-time high, I have to trade in my beloved denim. Wanna know for what? I am trading the denim in for its cousin, the Chambray Dress.

If you are not familiar with chambray, you are truly missing out. Chambray is a lightweight fabric which gives you denim vibes without being weighted down. In the summer, I am all about cool lightweight fabrics which allows the skin to breathe. So, this lightweight woven fabric is my go-to for my denim looks.

Summer A'Flare

With the temps rising, we have brighter days ahead. What other way would you like to spend your summer days other than a summer a’flare. A summer a’flare is when you slay the latest trend of flare sleeves with a fit and flare dress. Who does not love these silhouettes?

It's A Wrap Ladies!!!

Growing up, I was the ultimate tomboy wearing patch jeans with a t-shirt (don't judge. Lol). I lived for the comfort of a good pair of jeans back then. When I went off to college, the fashion bug started to hit. I ditched the patch jeans for dresses. I indulged in dresses of every pattern and color. The one dress type that I swayed more towards was a wrap dress. The wrap dress was an easy, care-free outfit that would fit any occasion.

I even remember going to a sorority’s soiree wearing a mosaic-printed wrap dress in a variety of pink shades. I never noticed why I received so many blank stares as I walked into the room looking and feeling fabulous. Later, I found out I was wearing one of the sorority’s primary colors. I really had no clue at the time. I was just excited to showcase my new fashion sense. From this moment forward, I gravitated towards a classic wrap dress until tragedy hit. My pregnant sister started wearing my favorite wrap dresses and my view was never the same (gulp). I always wondered if others would think I was pregnant too if I wore a wrap dress. For this fear, I ran away from the wrap dress as fast as I could.

Empowering Sisterhood

As women alone we strong but together we are stronger. When women join forces for the greater good, nothing but greatness is created. You are probably wondering what is the “Greatness” I  speak of. I am referring to a sisterhood that is built amongst women when the forces are aligned.

I teamed up with my Houstonian sisters to bring you the “Fantastic Four” Collaboration. Four beautiful women of different backgrounds has bonded and empowered each other through fashion and sisterhood. Ladies and Gentlemen, I would love to introduce you to my blogging sisters. (From Left to Right) Tiffany of tcholesworld, Itoro of How I Styled It, Nneka of Queen of Sleeves.