Introducing Universal Standard

Are you a minimalist? Have you ever thought about creating a capsule wardrobe? If you never heard of a capsule wardrobe, it is a compact wardrobe of staple pieces in coordinating colors. So to all of my minimalist, let me introduce you to Universal Standard.

Universal Standard (US)  has been making an impact on the fashion industry since it's debut 3 years ago. Known for its lux quality and multi-functional pieces, US is on a mission to change the fashion industry by thinking of you first... the customer. Every day essentials fashion offered to women sizes 10-28, this is truly something we all need more of.

Sporty Spice Chic

So last month when I was packing for NYC, I realized that I needed fashionable looks that would take me from day to night. The goal is to always slay, but I did not want to sacrifice comfort while I was out and about in the city. Anytime I see Athleisure pieces, I am reminded of high school when the Spice Girls hit the music scene. Yes, I know. I am truly telling my age. I loved the Spice Girls as each one of them showcased a characteristic that lives within my style, but for this trip, I had major inspiration from Sporty Spice.

I am a Jeanius, a skinny one at that!

Are you looking for the perfect girl’s night out look? Well, look no further. The skinny jean is the perfect solution. Click here to check out my top 5 skinny jean if you missed the post.

As we all know that skinny jeans come in a variety of washes and legs. Yes, I said legs. Let's be totally honest, we are all shaped differently right? So naturally, it is only right for brands to create different legs while creating the perfect skinny jean. As the “Fruit Salad” shape that I am, it is difficult for me the find the perfect skinny jean due to having a defined calf and slim ankle. In the past, it has been difficult for me to find the perfect skinny because of these skinny ankles of mine.

Set The Stage with Stage Inc.

*This post was sponsored by Specialty Retailers, Inc.*

If you missed “Setting The Stage” with Stage Inc., then you totally missed a great time. Five bloggers and myself had a fantastic time showcasing the latest fall trends.

The ultimate goal of this event was to create a fall look for my plus-sized Samplers. It was a two-day event for me. What made it so much fun was my friend-in-fashion, Noreen.

The CurvyCon - Day 1

2017 has been a big year for some minor traveling for me. This year, I attended THE CURVYCON for the first time. I totally can not believe The CurvyCon has officially come and gone just that quick. Where is time going? It has been over a week since I landed back in Houston with a natural high. Are you curious about The CurvyCon? Well, here we go.

Of course we have to talk about style first.

When thinking of looks to slay The CurvyCon, I wanted a creative flare. Channeling my inner Janelle Monae with a ShaKera twist, I created a look around the Miracle Flawless Side Stripe Leggings. Yes, I knew the bold red color with the contrasting racer stripes would be just Fatabulous. Yes, I said fatabulous. (Hey, why not make up new words for your slay?) For a pop of contrast, I added the Ava & Viv Camo Print Anorak Jacket. 

Chalk It Up To Style with Lane Bryant

It is that time of the year and all educators are reporting back to duty. I will admit that I was more than ready to report back after this long Summer break.

Unfortunately, Tropical Storm Harvey decided to throw a monkey wrench in the state’s plans. Harvey devastatingly caused so much damage to personal, private, and even state property. Some educators are still on standby to report back after accessing the amount of damage that Harvey caused.