Cut it, cut it…….Your dresses are too long you need cut it…. Your pants are way too long you need to cut it… cut it. Yes Ladies, you should cut it.

Have you ever seen a dress or pair of pants that you were totally in love with but the length would not allow it to be great? Well Ladies, I am here to tell you that alterations are the way to go. Having a great tailor will take your garment to the next level. Something so small can be totally life changing. For a small fee, a tailor can give you a custom fit.

Here are a few tips when considering getting your garments tailored.

I Am the Bomb!!

I am the BOMB! Lol. Don't worry, I'm not trying to revive the ‘90s. Although, you may feel like reviving this totally trendy and unforgettable bomber fashion.  Bombers are back with a vengeance and are a style trend that can accentuate your favorite pair of jeans, denim skirt, or your go-to-dress. Versatility is at 100%.

The major advantage of bomber jackets are their versatility in one’s wardrobe for style and conventional weather purposes. Style-wise, go for a casual weekend look while hanging out with the girls or even a movie night with Bae, a bomber with your favorite pair of jeans can take your casual wear to another level. For finicky weather, a bomber is the perfect accessory to battle the bi-polar weather temps.

Living Life Golden

♭I am living my life like it’s golden, living my life like it’s  golden….golden...golden….golden..♭

Yyyaaass Ladies, I am living and loving my life like it’s golden because I'm obsessed with the golden trend of the season. Shades of yellow and marigold dominated this year's Spring runway shows. Keep your eyes open for this season’s various shades of yellow. They range from neon fluorescences to marigolds.