Welcome Year 6!!! This was a hard one.

This past year has made me sit back and evaluate life. I remember someone stating if you make it past the 7 year mark in a marriage, then the rest is smooth sailing. When I think of the relationship with The Real Sample Size (TRSS), I constantly think of giving up. The industry has changed in the past 6 years which has me constantly rethinking my purpose in this space. The pandemic has taken a toll on us all and had us to rethink all ways of life. I love style and fashion but my heart has been strained for the past 2 years. 

With all of my heart, I would like to say Thank You to each one of you. I really appreciate you all being on this journey called "Life" with me. As I figure out what is next for TRSS, I hope that you will be here in relation and support. We been rocking for 5 full years and heading into year 6. Year SIX!! Who would have ever thought I would have created this space much less for this time period. 

As I continue maneuvering in this space for now, I hope that my content continues to be authentic and relatable.

During the past school year, I realized that I was in a state of depression. I will be honest, it was hard for me to identify with this space in my life. I have always thought I was built "Ford Tough".....lol....but I was proven wrong. As an Educator, I've been working in an unhappy environment with constant changes to the class roster, having to constantly change and find grades from the multiple placement changes, and not to mention the lack of safety protocols. Ugh, this has took a toll on me mentally, physically, and emotionally. The demand of moving back into the classroom full-time along with Covid took my sanity away and my safe space, the gym. The gym was my only safe space until it was taken away from me by constantly working to meet the every changing protocols and the demands of my students' parents. The one way of taking out the day's or week aggression slipped away from me. It was my stress reliever. Little by little, I slipped away from who I am. After months of going down this road, I was completely lost.

Regaining a positive mental space has been a struggle for me. I am trying and will keep trying until I fight through this phase. At this time, I have so many negatives in my court, and I refuse to let them overcome me any further. Even with the recent weight gain, stressing my body out, and lack of quality sleep, I can walk away from this past year with a positive. I am no longer labeled as a "Diabetic". Surprisingly, with the weight gain, I am now free of all medication. So, I am experiencing bright spots along the way. The battle with diabetes is not over, but I am happy to report that I have overcome this stage and now it is time to move in the maintenance and recovery stage. 

Part of my recovery is rediscovering who I am. I have been self-analyzing and self-reflecting to come up with a game plan to get back to ShaKera. Along this process, I have become empowered to prove more to myself. I plan to fight depression as my life literally depends on this battle. 

During this process I wondered what would empower me the most as a woman...........ME. I am the only person who can truly empower me. With this empowerment, I want to step all the way out of my comfort zone this season so show my sensual side. The decision to do a Boudoir shoot is an idea I have played around with but I did not have the courage to showcase this side of me to the world. Now is the time to leave everything behind me and face life head on.

I know this is a lot.......Thank you once again for rocking with The Real Sample Size. I love you all. 



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