About Me

I'm a Houston, Texas native that is taking the plus size fashion industry by storm with my blog, showing off my sass while providing you with all things fashion. I explore all seasons and arrays of what a true THICK DIVA exudes.

I created THE REAL SAMPLE SIZE to encourage all women to step outside of their comfort box. I'm a full-figured woman that pushes the boundaries of the size chart while embracing every curve of my beautiful self.
My styles have been showcased in online publications from Buzzfeed and PLUS Model Magazine to several other outlets on social media.

My mission with this blog is to use my daily fashion picks to encourage and empower women to embrace their bodies. No matter what silhouette you may be, love who YOU are. Know who YOU are.

Fashion has no boundaries on shapes or sizes, so step outside of the box and slay, Ladies!

Want to contact me? You can email me at therealsamplesize@gmail.com.