Slaying with Slay Your Vacay!

 OMG! 5 years! I can not believe the blog is 5 years old. I remember about a year into blogging, I started to connect with other women in Houston currently blogging as well. Networking was essential as blogging is a gateway to building a brand for yourself. Then one day I received a Direct Message (DM) from My Plus Size Diary. She introduced herself and invited me to Brunch she was hosting. I was thrilled to be thought of for a private event. At the Brunch, I connected with Missy and the rest is history. 

Missy realized that her passion was not into blogging but making others feel good through her love of fashion. Who does not like a great fashion piece, right? As Missy start investing into herself and building her brands, she created Slay Your Vacay Boutique. Needless to say, Missy is all about her Slay Your Vacay Boutique has been an online boutique into recently. Missy opened the doors to her private boutique on November 7th. Tomorrow is her grand opening so please check her out and support. 

If you are in Houston or the surrounding area you can schedule your shopping experience by contact Missy at 

Look is courtesy of Slay Your Vacay. Thank you so much Missy for our friendship and sisterhood. 

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