Living In a Barbie World

“I am a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world. Life in plastic, it's fantastic. You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere
Imagination, life is your creation...Come on Barbie, let's go party!” All I can think about is Aqua song when I think
of Barbie. Lately, I must admit that Barbie has me in my feelings (not really but it's super cute!) From all of her trips,
collaborations with brands, hanging out with her friends while look fly is total perfection.

If you follow @Barbiestyle on Instagram you will see how Barbie is living now-a-days. She is totally living her
best life. One of Barbie’s post was in collaboration with JustFab. Yes, she actually has a collaboration with
JustFab. Cute right? I was inspired  by her look. Immediately, I was like, “Oh Ok! Barbie, you are cute.” I
knew that I wanted to recreate her look in my own way. It is comical to me how the little things inspire me in my
older age.

Wondering how I was going to take Barbie’s look and put The RSS stamp on it was an easy fix. Black Moto
jackets ✔️ Midi Pleated Skirt✔️Inspired Pumps✔️. Look was complete.
With a variety of Moto jackets to choose from, I decided to let the perfect jacket just speak to me. With a Moto
in mind, I also allowed myself to be creative with other silhouettes of jackets. Surprisingly, to my liking, I fell in
love with the Studio Leather Ruffled Jacket for this look. As a larger breasted woman, I never shy away for
volume. Some may feel you shouldn’t add additional volume to a larger area as it may draw the eye to the
wrong place. In this case, I wanted all eyes on me. So, why not just go for it?
As I was browsing through SimplyBe website on a random day, I came across the Sunray Pleated Skirt. I was amazed at the price so I ordered without any hesitation. As you all know, I am all about
alterations so this is a win for me. The Sunray skirt was perfect to help me achieve Barbie’s look.
Shopping my own closet, I remembered the Guess Ambelu pump that was hidden somewhere in the depths of the closet. This was the perfect shoe to match for the look. Adding a pop of color to any all- black ensemble creates a chic look.
Lastly, to add a hint of sexiness to the look, I paired the look with the Lace V-Neck Microfiber Bodysuit from Torrid. Sorry Ladies, this bodysuit is sold out online.
Ladies, what do you think? Did I successfully pull off a plus version of Barbie Style? I can not tell you how much fun it was to live in Barbie’s world for a day.
Photo is property of Barbie

Until next time, stay beautiful and stay true to you.

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