Can I Please Order a Two-Piece?

Do you remember when you were a child and clothes came in sets? Fashion was so easy. Lol. I love seeing little girls in matching two-piece play sets. I think they are so adorable and give such a girly-girl flare. I am so excited that more brands are taking us back to our childhood with matching two-piece sets. Whether it’s a top with a skirt or pants, you could never go wrong with a two-piece. 

A two-piece set will definitely turn heads as you enter into a room; although, versatility is key. Using each piece as a staple in your wardrobe to mix and match looks creates the ultimate wardrobe. Pairing a top with your favorite pair of denim or mixing the bottom with a spunky graphic tee will give you a multitude of looks. 

Here I am wearing the Candy Girl Set from Sonia’s Kloset. The top is a cris-cross self tie top that I wore two ways. Let’s remember that versatility is key. I wore the top backwards to give a full high neck look. Being creative with fashion is a way to display your personal style. 

If you love matching sets, check out plus-size boutiques. Be sure to reach out to the boutique teams to inquire about sizing or fabrics before making a purchase. I will admit Ladies, I was scared to purchase from online boutiques due to a non-existent return policy. However, reaching out to the Social Media Manager at Sonia’s Kloset made me feel confident in my purchase. They answered all of my questions to ensure that I was getting the correct size and the expectations of the garments. Other boutiques to check out are Honey’s Child Boutique, Chic and CurvyCurvaceous Boutique and I’Mare Boutique.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on 2 piece sets? Do you like sets? I can not wait to hear your thoughts. Until next time, stay beautifully blessed.

XoXo - ShaKera

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