What I Wore to Lifestyled Honors!

I had the honor of attending Phat Girl Fresh Presents Lifestyled Honors in Atlanta and was amongst my fashionable faves. It has been almost 3 weeks and I’m still reliving it. It’s no surprise of my love for Phat Girl Fresh, Maui. She is truly a mentor and sister to me. She has been a vital part of The Real Sample Size. In the times when I wanted to quit and walk away, Maui was there to encourage me to keep pushing. In her words, ‘Keep giving them dope sh*% Sis!’ Ok… ok.. I know you ready for me to get to it. 

I knew going to Lifestyled Honors would be a challenge as a multitude of Influencers and Bloggers would be in attendance. I mean, lil ole me would disappear, right? Right? In order to avoid being basic, I had to show them what I’m working with. I decided to come with an original outfit. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out as planned so I improvised. Sometimes, great looks are created on a whim. I knew that I wanted to wear pants to the event as most see me in dresses. I mean, you have to switch it up to keep your audience on its toes. 

Then, I thought of the great fit of the High Waisted Belted Trousers from the Colored Suit Post, so I have the High Waisted Belted Trousers in Tanna Sienna. It’s a go! This warm rich neutral bottom pair with a cool lavender top was totally unexpected. I love to play with colors and this match managed to be a hit. To set this look off even more, I needed a pop of color. Of course I had to do it for the Trend. I paired this look with a neon yellow. Yas! To the neons. Using an older pair of neon yellow earrings from Charming Charlie’s to bring a little color to the ears. To compliment the earrings paired the look with the Animal Print Heeled Sandals and the Animal Print City Mini Bag. 

Sometimes, the most unexpected looks turn out to be a fave. I must admit that I was crushing on myself with this choice of colors. I remember asking a friend about the look and she immediately asked me if I was pairing a cool with a warm. I know that may seem off to some but I was excited. I was like yes ma’am. You have to see the vision. So Ladies, I encourage you all to take some fashion risks. You never know what you truly like unless you try for yourself. How many of you are afraid to take risks? Is it the color schemes or prints? I would love to hear if you take risk or why not?

I hope you enjoyed this look. Until next time stay Beautiful and Blessed!

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