This Life of Mine! - Storytime

I always knew that life would be a journey. The good and bad will be a part of this life. I remember, as a kid, wishing to “Be Grown”, but only if I knew. I know that this life of mine isn’t peaches and cream, but it isn’t bad if I may say so myself. I am very blessed and grateful. 

If you have been following me, you realized that I have fallen off of the blog bandwagon. Life was just taking it’s course on me. There have been multiple times when I was ready to throw in the towel. I felt like the blog was stagnant and you all were bored with me. The rare times I attempted to engage in conversations and talk, I felt like no one was checking for me. So, all of this took a toll on me. Constantly asking myself why am I doing this? Is it worth it anymore? 

Along with all of these thoughts, I realized my body was changing as well. I was constantly getting a cough that I couldn’t shake, my tastebuds we’re changing up on me and I was just over it all. I remember days when I had to force myself to eat because I didn’t have any desire or taste for food. Even in November, in Jamaica, I stated how bland and uninviting the food was not knowing what my body was enduring. 

After 3 ½ months I decided to go to the doctor. Originally, I planned to go to the doctor for that cough that just wouldn’t go away. So in December, I decided to go for my annual physical. No biggie right!!!......Wrong!  Imagine my shock when I got a call from the doctor about my results instead of the email stating my results were in. Imagine my shock as I ended the call….. I was like Damn! Damn! Damn ShaKera!!! Diabetes. You allowed yourself to get diabetes. Immediately my mind started racing and thinking of my family members with diabetes and their issues with the disease. After a day of processing this news, I knew my “Life” as I called it was over. That ShaKera would never be seen again. The mere thought of me not being me was unsettling. At that moment, I had to encourage myself that I got this. I have diabetes, but it doesn’t have me. I can fight this with a new lifestyle. So, this is where I’ve been for the past 4 months. I have been getting accustomed to the new changes I had to make. 

This reality check made me remember some important life lessons:

  1. Always encourage yourself through your struggle(s)
  2. Be thankful for what is and what it is not
  3. Do not be afraid to become a new version of yourself. It’s time for us to “Level Up” our life.
  4. Stay focused and determined

I am always encouraging others to tell their story as it may help someone else. Now, it’s my time to preach to myself. If you have a family history of diabetes or any disease, take your life back now. Incorporate small changes into your life so you will not feel without. Slowly start weeding out the bad habits and replacing them with good choices. When you look back, you will realize it wasn’t so bad to change. Self-care and self-love can be hard at times but taking care of you should be the top priority to you. Please do not be like me and learn these lessons the hard way.

Until next time Ladies, stay beautiful and blessed.

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