Maximizing Your Closet

I have too many clothes… said no one EVER! Lol…. But seriously I really do!

Although, one can never have too much clothing, one can have too little space. Maybe a little bit of Spring cleaning can help. One tip: Revamp your wardrobe to have a multi-functional one. 
I am revamping my wardrobe…… Yes, that is correct. Waste not, want not. As I start to rebuild my wardrobe, I will focus on making it multi-functional. Each item should have multiple uses. If the pieces are not several multiple purposes in the wardrobe then it must go. Whether you are looking for transitional pieces or pieces that will be intertwined, functionality is key.

Pieces like the WHO WHAT WEAR Striped Button Detail Belted Draped Trench is ideal. One cool way to determine functionality is to ask yourself, “Self, how do you plan to wear this? Can you create multiple looks for this piece? Can you pair it easily with pieces already in your wardrobe?” These are all valid questions as we being this process. When I saw the Draped Trench, I envisioned a multitude of ways to wear it. 

            1.  As a dress (shown)
            2.  As a layering piece
            3.  For color or texture to a look

In this look, I wanted to create a transitional look. By adding a white knee length boot and white moto, this look was instantly girly chic. With or without the moto, I am ready for an event, brunch, or even work. If you would like more casual look, pair the Belted Drape Trench with a white tee and your favorite pair of denim. 

Ladies, what is your goal this year? Are you looking for more multi-functional pieces? Until next time, be blessed. 

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