Layers with Catherines

 I want to send a special thanks to Catherine’s for sponsoring this post and look.

Catherine’s has me living life to the max! It’s that time of the year when style comes with ease. Imagine a style that allows you maximum ease and flow.  This has my name all over it and it’s what I have been a waiting on. It is officially maxi season. So Ladies, let’s bring out all the maxi dresses for the season. 

Now, maxi’s can be bold or basic. It’s up to you and your style. Style it to fit your personality and your lifestyle. Whether you are heading to the office or church the perfect maxi will set you apart. So, it was no surprise that while I was browsing Catherine’s online, I fell in love with several maxi dresses. Then the fabulousness happened. The Watercolor Petals Maxi Dress caught my eye due to it’s bright vibrant print and colors. This was definitely a match made in heaven for me.
Now, I definitely have a bold style so leaving the maxi, as-is, wasn’t part of the plan. I paired it with some cute pieces; creating a layered effect. I thought of a blazer, denim jacket or a lightweight cardigan. The Pointelle Shrug Cardigan was perfect for the look. With a matching or coordinating layer, you can take your look from casual to chic in a matter of seconds. 
Here are some tips to help when looking for the perfect layering piece.
1.    If the dress is a print, pair with a solid color from the dress.
2.    If the dress is a solid, pair with a printed cover. Florals are always great for the season.
3.    If your style is classic, try pairing with a blazer

Keeping my tips in mind, I paired the Watercolor Petal Maxi with the Pointelle Shrug Cardigan for a perfect look.

Ladies with Easter and Mother’s Days approaching, heard over to Catherine’s to purchase the perfect layered look.

* All Images are taken by Charis Solutions Photography*


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