Big Fig! The Best Mattress for Bigger Figures

Imagine going to sleep every night being held tight and embraced in the most comfortable way. I know that you're feeling me because these cold Winter nights can be cruel. Well People, I have been having that special feeling in my life for the last three months. Don't be You can easily have what I have. I don't mind sharing the secret.

Well, it's not really a secret but it is something that's rarely discussed and slept on. It's my new relationship with... wait for it... my mattress. Wait! Don't judge me yet! I get very serious in relationships and this has been one of the best relationships that I've had or have been in or

Big Fig reached out to me to review their firm mattress and I have received my life. Now, with all new beginnings there must've been an end, right? My end was with my previous mattress. this was not easy. I'm sure most of you can relate to this situationship. I loved softness and comfort of my pillow-top. It was like sleeping on a cloud (or so I thought.) Can you imagine getting rid of something that is so dear to your heart? I literally viewed my mattress as a full-on relation as we always had bonding I am so happy that I was forced out of an old relationship and introduced to Big Fig Mattress.

This experience had me feeling like I was "The Bachelorette" and this mattress had to win my heart. Each night felt like I was having a major love/hate dynamic with this mattress and my previous one. I'm not a cheater, y'all. I had to pic one. On top of that, I am super picky and I have always been a fan of a pillow-top. My only problem was that this one is not a pillow-top. What to do? What to say? How to feel? Would I say yes or would I leave empty-handed? Did it stick out above the rest or did it go the way of the other boring Bachelorette contestants? Welp, I have to tell you that this finale did not disappoint me and I had to overwhelmingly hand Big Fig the final rose. Here's why:

  1. 1600 Individually Wrapped Coils, 50% more than the average innerspring mattress
  2. Firm Edge Control - for individuals whom like to sit along the edge of the bed
  3. Big Fig Foundation that supports 5x the weight of a standard foundation
  4. 20 year warranty - you can not beat this warranty
  5. 16 tufts to prevent the material from shifting over time

After three full months of quality sleep, I can honestly admit that I am in love. In love with my Big Fig Mattress that is. I know you may be thinking how can I fall in love so easily, it is simple. Big Fig is the best mattress on the market and you would fall in love too. As income tax season is approaching and we are looking for a way to improve our homes and self-care, you too can shop Big Fig. Big Fig has great incentives such as free shipping on any size mattress. Along with a 120 day trial period. Who does not want to try out a new mattress for 120 days before making a commitment? If it is not right for you, no worries, Big Fig will arrange the pickup of the mattress for you. So are you in need of a new mattress? You can shop using my "REALSAMPLESIZE" to save on a Big Fig Mattress today. 

---- This Big Fig Mattress was complimentary but all opinions of the review are my own. ----

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