I remember the days when I couldn't wait to find a BAE so we can do a His and Her Holiday look. Well Ladies, that time has not come. I know right, so sad. So, I took matters into my own hands and created a His and Hers Holiday Look.

A couple's glam look. Yes, that's right. I asked my friend Patrick (Pat) to add some Big Man Swag to a Holiday look.

When creating a couple's look, find a staple piece and build your look around the statement piece. In this case, Pat's festive blazer was the focus of the look. With its' unique color pattern and color scheme, I wanted to compliment the blazer. I will be honest, it was a little challenging as the blazer's iridescent colors made it difficult to match. I used the iridescent colors to style the look. Pat's look is simple with all black which allowed the blazer to be the star of the show.

To compliment Pat's look, I wore the Sequin Maxi Dress with Wrap Skirt in Fuchsia. With simplicity in mind, I paired the Sequin Maxi Dress with a black faux fur collar to tie in the lapel of the blazer. Picking up the metallic color in the blazer, I completed the look with rose gold chandelier earrings and the Steve Madden Daisies in Rose Gold.

Creating these looks was so much fun. In the process of bringing you all this look, I had a pivotal moment. I realized that I had been waiting for BAE to be creative in a post for you. The creative process reminded me of who I am. I was reminded to never wait for something to happen in order to make things happen. I create a lane to make it possible. This is also a reminder to you all as well. Do not wait for anyone or anything to live in your purpose.

Now that I am finished with my mini sermon, what are you plans for New Year's Eve? Are you stepping out with BAE for the night? I hope you all enjoyed this spin on the Holiday Look. Until next time, stay beautiful and true to you.


P.S. --- My dress is on sale for $39.99

All Photos are courtesy of Different Mind Designs

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