Rompin' Ruffles

I like big ruffles and I cannot lie, You others can't deny.....Ok, I will leave the songwriters to their job.  As I have always been self-aware, I noticed that I stayed away from certain fashion items because of "My Fruit Salad" shape. I would not be open to trying certain silhouettes as I already knew which silhouette worked for me. This summer, I made a promise to myself that I will step outside of these boxes and live a care-free life. So, the challenge this Summer was to tackle the dreaded shorts. I love the look of shorts, but I am not a fan of shorts on my shape. To my amazement, they worked well and I found rompers that worked as well. Yes, a romper. All this tummy will be rompin' around. (Which is why I have stayed away from rompers.)

When I saw the Denim Romper with Asymmetrical Ruffle, it was worth the risk. This was a risk well worth taking. Let's talk about fit. The fit of the denim romper was almost perfect for all of the tummy. The upper bodice was extremely big on my frame. For clarity, I ordered the denim romper in a size 26 and I'm normally a size 24. From past experiences, I know this apple need more room. Due to sizing up, the width of the romper was extremely roomy. Ya'll know I am the queen of alterations, so I had my tailor take up the sides for a snug fit. The fit across the midsection and thigh area was just to my liking. Overall, this romper has taken me by total surprise and I look forward to trying more of them.

As for styling this romper, the neutral palette is great for adding pops of color. With the playfulness of my hair and the handcrafted color-block bag, color was added to have the look come together. For an additional pop, I added the Baublebar tassel earrings.

So Ladies, if you would like to romp around in some ruffles, here are some other options.

I am curious, have any of you wore a romper this Summer? If so, how did you feel? Are you empowered to wear them more often? I know I am. Until next time stay beautiful and true to you.

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