Summertime Gingham

Gingham has infiltrated the fashion industry since the beginning of time. This year has been no different. Designers have incorporated gingham into our loves this summer by creating new colors to add to the closet.

While browsing, you may have noticed gingham in red, blue, green, lime green, lilac, or even pink. Hopefully you were super excited of this combination. A combination of a classic print with vibrant colors.

Here I have rounded up great pieces to add to the closet this summer.

When I saw the Gingham Bustier Bodice Dress, I knew it was a must have. The olive gingham touched my heart in ways no one will understand. The versatility of this gingham print will be plentiful. To complete this look, I paired the gingham bustier bodice dress with A New Day Micahela block heel sandal in lilac. To add to the chicness, I added the cutest bamboo bag from Zara to bring in pops of color. Complimented the look with lilac earrings and sunglasses with a lilac tint. Oh, I can not forgot my cutest accessory of the all, my cousin Thursday is my Aunt's Miniature Schnauzer that just loves me as much as I love her.

So Ladies, do you have some summertime gingham? Until next time, stay beautiful and true to you.

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