Black and White Series - The Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are a fun way to express yourself. Whether you're rocking a Barbie tee or Star Wars tee, you're letting the world in on a lil bit of your personality. Rocking neutrals like black and white on a graphic tee can still capture attention and be expressive. You don't have to have a celebrity meltdown to gain attention.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a Houston gal through and through. I rep Houston everywhere I go, so it's only fitting that I have a tee to represent this great city. My tee was custom made and the good thing is there are several brands that customize tees.

Have you ever wondered how to make a plain black and white look pop? The graphic tee is the answer. To add a dash of flavor to any look, the graphic tee is a perfect match.

If you are in need of a new graphic tee to spice up your look, here are a few of brands to check out.

1. Kay Dupree
2. Kasidy's Kloset
3. Feminine Funk
4. Feminist Apparel
5. Lift Her Up Co.

For this look, I paired my Houston Made Graphic Tee with the Bryant Blazer from Lane Bryant and black faux leather skirt. Keeping it simple, I completed the look with a two-piece sandal, black and white striped earrings, and fedora.

Ladies, what are you thoughts on graphic tees? Do you wear graphic tees? Do you like the inspirational or customized look of graphic tees? I would love to hear your thoughts.  Until next time, stay beautiful and true you.

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