Stripes, Stripes, and more Stripes - The Black/White Series

Spring is that time of the year that I explore all the vibrant colors of the season. It's no surprise that my first love is color. From Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, and Punky Brewster days, my love has been the bright, bold wonderful hues of color. This month, I wanted to challenge myself to see the beauty in muted tones. How can I truly appreciate the classic black and white outfit? This week's post is dedicated to my ladies that love classic prints and silhouettes.

One of the all-time classics is the black and white stripe. The black and white stripe have been around for ages and can make or break an hourglass figure. If stripes are your thing, this is your year. From the thin to the wide referee stripes, there is a look for you.

Here is a round up of some faves featuring the classic stripes.

When I saw the Puff Sleeve Wrap Dress by Eloquii, I knew it was a must have. From the classic print, the wrap functionality, and the puff sleeves this dress is perfect for any occasion.
The fit is great; as it is a true functional wrap dress that you can tie to your liking.  If your as active and on-the-go as I am, a recommendation to add a sew on snap  to assist with the closure of the wrap. In the description of the Puff Sleeve Wrap Dress, the details do not specify that it is a hi-low wrap dress, the exaggeration of the hi-low cut is minimal. Keeping a simple, yet class look, I paired the Puff Sleeve Wrap Dress with Roriee Two-Piece Sandal, Black and WhiteTiered Tassel Earrings, and the Double Flap Shoulder Crossbody Bag.

 Ladies, what are some of your go-to-looks when you rock stripes? Is there a certain color scheme you pair with your stripes? I would love to hear from you. Until next time, stay beautiful and true to you!

XoXo - ShaKera

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