Gingham Style Over a Size 22

I grew up in the South, so my childhood was filled church picnics and family reunions that served the most delicious food on that infamous red and white gingham tablecloth. To this day, gingham reminds me of good times. I know some people may not enjoy the simplistic print like I do, but they just haven't seen gingham like I have seen it. Ladies, I am here to tell you that you can leave all of those fears behind now. Gingham is every where and on everything.

As a plus-sized woman over the standard dress size of 20, it is difficult to find pieces that you are in love with or on trend. As the market is steady changing to include the extended sizes of plus (20+), some still don't dare to offer prints. Especially with the picnic So here are 3 tips to wearing gingham over a Size 22.

1. Size - Choose a size that will work best with your proportions. Gingham comes in extra small, small, medium, large, and oversized. Do not be afraid to mix the sizing of the prints. It's ok to wear a medium print with a larger print.

2. Classic Pieces - When you are selecting garments to wear, think of classic pieces that will stand the test of time. A midi ruffle skirt or relaxed shorts will always be a go-to look.

3. Fit - Fit is key. Whether it is a halter top or gingham slacks, fit is the key.

Keeping these tips in mind, I paired the Who What Wear Ruffle Halter Tank Top with A New Day Gingham Paperbag Waist Shorts. Can you tell the size of the prints are different? Pairing the different sizes of the gingham played on the visuals. To draw attention away from my stomach outline, the larger print of the top takes the eye up versus down. This is a treat to use when you want to divert the eyes to a certain area. Keeping this look picnic and outdoor ready, I paired the look with Boohoo Pointed Heeled Mules and a trendy circle bag from A New Day.

Ladies, what are you thought? Are you willing to try the gingham trend? Are you willing to try the gingham on gingham.

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