Pinky Promise

Do you remember when your childhood friend and you shared secrets on the playground and pinky promised not to tell? That secret was locked in a vault to never see light because a pinky promise was the ultimate promise. Boy, those were the good ole days. Nowadays, I would love a Piny Promise. Well at least, I would love to wear Pinky Promise by Eleven60.

Pinky Promise is comprised of two fashion trends. Embroidery and Bomber. I must admit that I was not thrilled about it, at first. When it comes to fashion and style, I am risky, but those two trends are on my do-not-disturb list. So, imagine my mixture of emotions when Eleven60 made me bite my words.
Yes, I will admit I was totally wrong. The Pinky Promise is an embroidered bomber with pink and green flowers with a sheet structured A-Line flow. Whoever thought of the long-line bombers should be my new Bae. Like for real. The Pinky Promise can be worn open as a cover or zipped. Can we say pure perfection in this bomber?
I chose to style Pinky Promise as a closed bomber. Wanting the bomber to be the spotlight, I paired the Pinky Promise with a white 3/4 length sleeve bodycon dress. Hopefully, we all know I have to throw in something shiny, shimmery, or sparkly. I paired the look with a rose gold pump and a rose gold tassel earring. For an added dimension of texture, I added a blush chain purse.

Ladies, what are your thoughts? Would you make a Pinky Promise? If so, visit Eleven60. This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Eleven60. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Images are courtesy of Charis Solutions Photography.

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