Spanish Flower

When I was a child,my mother sewed dresses for my sister and I. She loved to make us matching dresses with a lace collars. Needless to say, that I formed a hatred for lace because of it.  One thing that never changes, what’s old becomes new again, and lace is back but but better.

With all the lace looks going down the runway this season, I can admit that I am loving it. Brands are being very creative with the mixing of textures. Lace trimmed faux leather looks, sweatshirts with lace embellishments, and lace embellished jeans are just a few of the mixed textures I’m loving.

When I saw the Cold Shoulder Dress with Applique, I was instantly in love. With the bi-polar weather in Houston, the Cold Shoulder Dress would be a great addition to the wardrobe. If you have attending a daytime wedding, on a dinner date, or heading into the office, the cold shoulder dress is perfect for the occasion. The softness of the lace with the colorful applique are just stunning.

Let’s talk fit Ladies. As a F/G cup the upper bodice of the dress fits well without any pulling from the lining. If you have larger arms, the sockets will be of comfort to you. The A-line silhouette allows for room and movement for every woman’s body. The Cold Shoulder dress is 47 inches long, if you are petite the dress will fit more like a tea-length than midi.

To turn this beauty into a fall inspiration, just add your favorite turtleneck or mock neck shirt underneath for a chic vibe. Pair the look with tights and a heeled bootie to complete a fall inspired look.

While shooting with Alfred of Charis Solutions Photography, I was able to relive my childhood through the cold shoulder dress. I remember the days playing in the front yard just twirliing around in my new dress. It’s the little things like this moment in time that brings out the kid in me. What are your thoughts on lace? Do you love lace? Would you like to see more lace garments?

Please like, share and comment. I hope you enjoyed this sample ladies, until next time.  


  1. This dress is gorgeous. I'm in love and know that we'll be twins soon!

  2. Love this dress on you!It was like it was made specifically for you.

  3. What a beautiful dress! It looks so good on you!