Accordion to Who?

‘You are too big to be wearing pleats! Don’t you know that pleats make you look twice as big!’ And  my response: ‘And Mom!’ These are the phrases that I have heard growing up... from my mother (insert sad music here. lol). Not everyone will support your fashion choices and to be honest, she feels that she is helping me. She and other people have succumbed to the idea that we should not celebrate our larger frames.  Instead, they should be hidden.  When I reflect back, I question myself wondering how I am so self-confident and self- aware at this state in my life.

The answer is simple: I live life according to me and only me. If I am not my #1 fan then how will anyone else believe in me to cheer me on? Life events have a way of molding us. Society has brainwashed us into thinking that everything will always be attractive or flattering if you live within a set guideline. For this, I am so proud to be my father’s daughter. My rebellious attitude towards society’s guidelines will continue to defy the odds against me. Thinking of those statements that my mother etched into my memory, I knew that I would break the barrier on rules. If you are ready to defy the odds of wearing pleats, here we go.

In order to be successful in wearing pleats, here are a few tips.

  1. Just wear them - If you are in the mood to wear a pleated or accordion skirt, just wear it. Who cares what anyone else thinks. When you feel good about yourself no one else matters.
  2. Keep it Simple - Keep the look clean and simple with color blocking or mono-tones. Do not distract or compete against the pleats.
  3. Belt it - If you want a more defined waist when wearing pleats, add your favorite belt or sash. This will give the look a polished finish to bring everything.

Keeping the look simple, I paired the lightweight pleated midi skirt in spicy mustard with the puff sleeve sweater in olive leaf. Colorblocking with coordinating colors make the look so playful and vibrant. To bring the look together, the striped multi belt was the perfect accessory. Of course, I an addition pop of color was required for the look. These old suede Guess pumps did the trick.

Ladies, how do you feel about pleats? Do you prefer box pleats, gathers, or accordion pleats? Here, here to be defiant and breaking a rule. Until next time, I hope you enjoyed this sample.

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