Introducing Universal Standard

Are you a minimalist? Have you ever thought about creating a capsule wardrobe? If you never heard of a capsule wardrobe, it is a compact wardrobe of staple pieces in coordinating colors. So to all of my minimalist, let me introduce you to Universal Standard.

Universal Standard (US)  has been making an impact on the fashion industry since it's debut 3 years ago. Known for its lux quality and multi-functional pieces, US is on a mission to change the fashion industry by thinking of you first... the customer. Every day essentials fashion offered to women sizes 10-28, this is truly something we all need more of.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of interviewing Alexandra Waldman of Universal Standard. Alex was such a pleasure as she shared her stories about her experiences. Here is a quick recap of our interview.

Me: What are you views of women in general that is a double digit size.

Alex: As a plus size woman my adult I actually entire life I felt left behind and forgotten. Unappreciated and disrespected that lead to a lot of tears in the stair wells of department stores. Living in Tokyo, I asked for a plus size department and they did not understand. Then they stated "Oh Gianto department" which was one single circular rack where the biggest size was Donna Karen in a size 8. I walked out feeling defeated. When you someone denied you the ability to express yourself the way you really want it, it is frustrating.

Me: As the fashion industry is constantly moving in the trendy direction, do you think you will ever move towards the trends?

Alex: Universal Standard will never be trendy. We made do something else, a different brand that is a little more trend driven. For me this trendy thing is so moving moving moving, I like to think of the French when they look at clothes. Less is more, its elegant and you know about style. You are wearing the clothes and the clothes are not wearing you. Intrinsically there is this instinct when you walk in your armor. People look at you and think their first impress of you this is. I wanna look at ease in what I am wearing, comfortable in what I am wearing, and I didn't just pick through a pile of really really sad things to get to something that kind of fits. This is how I always felt, choosing the best of the worst. Choosing men clothes or maturity clothes with all of the alternations. I was designing not realizing I was designing.

Me: I noticed that a-lot of pieces have stretch and arm room. By being a bubble girl, I truly appreciate the functionality and structure. I think it is ideal for any woman as it will help conceal any imperfections so say.

Alex: It's about whatever makes you feel uncomfortable or comfortable about covering up. I think it the truth is, we all have things that we love and don't love about ourself. Things that we highlight and lowlight about ourselves. I appauld you if you want to wear a belly revealing top or if you wanna wear cut off shorts, I don't. I want clothes were my clothes don't want to look like a bland ocassion or that I am clubbing in New Jersey all the time. I want something that allows me to forget what I am wearing, that gives you a real freedom. You do not have to worry what others are thinking when they see you.

Me: I love the sweater dress that you are wearing. I love how it ties at the waist.

Alex: You can tie it at the back. You can tie it on the side. Everyone has their own way of wearing it.

Me: Have you placed a patent on the Universal Liberty Fit?

Alex: No, we want other people to use it. We want people to say this is a good idea and we are going to do the same thing for women. We are let them have a piece of mind and shut that bully that lives in our head up. We are going to say that is the women that is staring you in the mirror and that's who you are dressing and is going to feel fantastic when you walk out of here. Whatever happens after that, we will take care of that.

Me: This is the one thing that stood out to me as other brands do not have a program like the Universal Liberty Fit. I am trying to get others to understand what quality pieces are. You want staples in your closet. If you are going to get a staple, invest in that staple. Don't get me wrong, I am a trendy girl but I also understand that quality is better than quantity on any given day.

Alex: Vivan Westwood said " Choose well by less." She was absolutely right, buy less and choose well and you will have cleared your head. You will not have all this stuff everywhere and nothing to wear.

After the interview with Alex, my blogger boo Tameka of Embellished Dame and I hit the racks for some fun. I also ran into Houston's own plus-size model Catasha during the model search. As I was aware of US and their pieces, I have to admit that I am very impressed in their quality of garments. Yes, I am a very trendy girl but I also love and admire staples in the closet. High quality staples will last a lifetime, so visit US pop shops as they are touring the states or visit them online.

For the past two years, Olive and Bourdeaux has been my go to colors for what should be a fall season. (If you know anything about Houston, you will understand.) So when I saw the Miso Dress in Camo, I knew it was a must have. So Tameka and I decided to have a little fun and play dress up. I will admit that I was so in love with the Miso Dress that I forgot to try on the other pieces that I choose. I was sold. So it's no surprise that I am waiting by the mailbox for my dress to arrive in the mail.

Upon my browsing, here are some of my favorites from Universal Standards. Until next time Ladies, I hope you enjoyed this sample.

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  1. Great recap of Universal Standard, I definitely need to visit their showroom here in NYC!!