Top 5 Skinny Jeans

The other day, I was telling a friend how brands are really reinvesting in their denim lines. Believe it or not, denim is probably my favorite piece of clothing to wear. Brands are finally starting to get their denim collections together. In the past denim always had it’s quirks; either stretching out, not fitting through the hips, or even the leg not fitting as described. So as a guide for this “Fruit Salad” I would like to share my top 5 picks for the perfect skinny.

When searching for the perfect skinny jeans, there are some tips to consider when shopping.

Tip #1 - Check the amount of stretch.

If the denim has higher than a 3% stretch, then size down. Sizing down will allow the denim to stretch yet still having a fitted silhouette. Have you ever purchased a pair of skinny’s in your correct size and by the end of the day the skinny’s fit more like a straight leg? This is the reason why. Size down Ladies.

Tip #2 - Know your calf measurements.

Denim is very tricky when searching for the perfect. Knowing your body will be key to finding the perfect fit. If you do not know your calf circumference, please check your measurements. All skinny jeans are cut different for different size calfs. This tip will help finding the perfect skinny versus finding the perfect straight leg. Yes, I said straight leg.   

Tip #3 - Check the rise of the jean.

During the search of the perfect pair, be sure to check the rise of the jeans. As plus size women, the rise of the jeans will make or break your silhouette. Ladies, everyone is different but I will definitely suggest avoiding low rise jeans. If you are an apple shape who seek more coverage in the tummy area, try a high rise.

Tip #4 - Know your inseam

Knowing your inseam will help with the headache of finding the perfect skinny. The skinny is made to fit the ankle nice and tight. Knowing your inseam measure will help you find the perfect pair. Torrid is great about showing information to help you get the perfect fit, check out their details HERE.

Tip #5 - Wear a sleek sandal or pointed toe pump

To finish off the perfect skinny jean, pair with a sleek sandal or a pointed toe pump. This is the perfect way to elongate your legs and look fierce when you step into your next event.

With these few gems in your pocket, you will slay those skinny jeans when you step out. Until next time ladies, I hope you enjoyed this sample.

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