Prints R 'Us

The last few years there has been articles after articles about what plus-size women should and shouldn't wear. We shouldn't wear white, crop tops, show arms, show legs and you are definitely forbidden to wear prints. Well guess what Ladies, you can wear, rock, and slayy prints all day.

Over the weekend my blogger boo Jaye of Style Over Size and I teamed up to show you that “Prints are Us”.

Jaye is showing us how to slay a printed one shoulder dress. With simple accessories and a pop of color, you too can slay a print.

If a bold printed dress is not your style, you could always opt for a bold printed bottom. Rather it be a printed pant, short, or skirt. I paired the graphic print pencil skirt with an asymmetrical striped ruffle shirt. For an added flare and defined waistline, a wide belt was used in this look. If you know my style, you should know I love to add pops of color.

While we are comfortable showing arms or wearing prints, we hope this inspires you to try a print. Even if it is a printed scarf or shoe. Be happy and unapologetically you. Prints are truly for us.

I hope you enjoyed this fun color collaboration. Until next time ladies, I hope you enjoy this sample. Below are some candid shots of the shoot.

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