Introducing the Tribe of Dumo

I remember the day that I purchased my first headwrap. I was so in awe over the prints. A lot of the prints were a African inspired prints or the actual Ankara Wax fabric. To this day the love of bold prints and patterns have not subsided. Due to my love of the prints I have been keeping my eyes out for different African designers. I have seen a few that has peeked my interest but I have never fully indulged in a style or print.

So to my surprise, I was introduced to Houston based Tribe of Dumo. Yyaass I was happy because I was rooting for the hometown company. To heighten my surprise, Ijeoma reached out to me to gift me a Tribe of Dumo piece.

Since TCFStyle Expo was approaching, I knew this would be perfect for the occasion. Unfortunately I wasn't able to photograph the Dolly Dot Dress (DDD) at the expo. I was sadden then I realized the Dolly Dot Dress was so unique that it should receive it's personal spot light. I can not stress to you how much I am in love with the DDD. The bold red/gold print contrasting against the black/white polka dots was love at first sight. For an additional thrill, the belt was also the black and white polka dots. Hey Ladies, did you notice the big flutter sleeve? Can we say slayage all in one?

As stated the print was a must for me although the biggest bonus is the quality. The stitching and construction of the DDD is pure perfection. The dress is fully lined through the bodice which lays ever so gentle over the curves.

Due to the boldness of the DDD, I wanted to make an older statement with a gold plated choker. This just scream Queendom. Notice that the belt isn't featured in this look. Keeping the look balanced with all of the upper drama.

Now the gold plated choker was removed and replaced with the black/white polka Dot belt. Keeping balanced look, a necklace was not applied.

Dress - Dolly Dot Dress, Choker - Ashley Stewart (Old), Earrings - Cha Cha Earrings, Shoes - Sam Edelman (Old)

I can't not remember if I have stated how much I love the DDD. So the next time you are looking for an unique piece for a special occasion or just for brunch with the girls, visit the Tribe of Dumo. You will not be disappointed. Hopefully, you will fall in love also.

Until next time Ladies, I hope you enjoyed this sample.


  1. Beautiful fabric-love it with the headwrap. Diva Style!

    1. Thank you so much. I love this print and style. I am not sure if anyone knows this but my headwraps are my favorite accessory. I have so many and want more.

  2. I just love this dress on you!!!