Takin' It To The Maxi - Day 4 - The Linen Maxi

Summer, summer, summertime...time to sit back and unwind. Yes, we are ecstatic that the summertime is here. Some of us may be wishing the summer hurry up and leave with the record temps it has brought with it. In order to combat the heat, a linen maxi would be a great option.

Linen is perfect for days at the beach or just to relax in something lightweight. When I think of linen, I reminisce when my uncles would wear linen suits to the family reunions. You could not tell them nothing because they were fly and comfortable. Just think about it. The family cookouts, beach weddings, boat parties the uncles would also step out in their linen suits. So it is no surprise that every woman should have a linen maxi to fight the summer rays. The only disadvantage of wearing linen is the ease of wrinkling upon sitting.


1. Know your measurements, linen has a tendency to run small.
2. If you perspire, wearing a cotton tank or tube may help with absorb some of the perspiration.
3. A heavy starch can help reduce the wrinkles in the fabric

The Linen Striped Ruffle Top Popover Maxi was perfect for the look. If you know me then you know that I love combinations. The striped linen with a ruffle flounce was just perfect for me. Not to mention the way the linen dress drapes over your curves. Keeping the look simple, I paired the Linen Striped Ruffle Top Popover Maxi with a gold tie-up sandal and coordinating chartreuse drop earrings.

Ladies, what do you think about linen dresses? Do you own a linen maxi?

Until tomorrow, I hope you enjoyed this sample.

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