Takin' It To The Maxi - Day 2 - The Palm Print

The next must have maxi of the season is a "PALM PRINT". Nothing screams summer and beach time like a palm print. For those days when you just want to escape the daily tasks of life, a palm print can help take us away like Calgon...lol....Yes, I just showed my age.


1. The palm print is a fun and festive print for any summer day. Since a palm print can be very colorful and/or busy, the key is to keep the look simple. Pair a palm print with neutral accessories and you are ready to go. If you want a bolder look, pick a contrasting color in the print to bring out with a lippie and nice sandal.

2. Also do not be afraid to try new things, have you ever used your favorite maxi as a swimsuit cover? If not, tie up the front for the perfect hi-low swimsuit cover.

3. Maxis come in all types of styles so having the proper undergarments are key. For maxis like the Grace, you may want to invest in a racerback bra or a multi-strapless bra. Maxis are carefree dresses but foundation is key.

Grace Maxi Dress - $69.90

from: SWAKDesigns & IGIGI

I paired the Grace Maxi Dress from SWAK Designs with a gold strap up sandal, light gold necklace, and gold studs. I wanted to keep the palette neutral. Due to the fact that I am always so extra in life, I added a palm tree gold belt and my rainbow aviators for an additional flare. I have to shout out Jami of Style Over Size for aviator styling tip. This is the perfect summer essential due to it's lightweight fabric and vibrant print. Thanks SWAK!

Thank you SWAK Designs. Grace is c/o of SWAK


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    1. Thank you so much Robin. I am glad that you enjoy this look.

  2. YAY!!! My fav pic is of you playing in the water.

    1. Jami Jaye, thank you so much. It was fun and creative.