It's A Wrap Ladies!!!

Growing up, I was the ultimate tomboy wearing patch jeans with a t-shirt (don't judge. Lol). I lived for the comfort of a good pair of jeans back then. When I went off to college, the fashion bug started to hit. I ditched the patch jeans for dresses. I indulged in dresses of every pattern and color. The one dress type that I swayed more towards was a wrap dress. The wrap dress was an easy, care-free outfit that would fit any occasion.

I even remember going to a sorority’s soiree wearing a mosaic-printed wrap dress in a variety of pink shades. I never noticed why I received so many blank stares as I walked into the room looking and feeling fabulous. Later, I found out I was wearing one of the sorority’s primary colors. I really had no clue at the time. I was just excited to showcase my new fashion sense. From this moment forward, I gravitated towards a classic wrap dress until tragedy hit. My pregnant sister started wearing my favorite wrap dresses and my view was never the same (gulp). I always wondered if others would think I was pregnant too if I wore a wrap dress. For this fear, I ran away from the wrap dress as fast as I could.

Over the years, I have noticed the way the modified or faux wrap dresses have been a consistent fit in design choices and yet I still was not a fan.
All of that changed when I laid eyes on a modern-day twist on the wrap dress. This life-changing moment came from ELOQUII when they debuted the Tie Shoulder Wrap Dress with Piping. Instantly, I fell in love with the self tie shoulders, modern flare of the shoulders, and untraditional colors that create a springtime look.

I may still be a lil bit skeptical of the wrap dress, but the Tie Shoulder Wrap Dress with Piping is a great way to ease myself back into one.

Ladies, how do you feel about wrap dresses? Is a wrap dress your go-to silhouette for a dress? Here are so options if you are looking for a new wrap dress.

Until next time Ladies, I hope you enjoyed this sample.

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