We Wear Short Skirts!!!

Am I the only one that was in love with the commercials back in the late 80’s and 90’s? I remember dancing around the house every time the Nair commercial came on. Just prancing around singing, “ We wear shorts short, if you dare wear short shorts, Nair for short shorts.” These were the times. Now, I want to prance around the house singing, “ I love short skirts, yes! to short skirts.”

Since the sun is out in full force, I want to dress for the Summer heat. My all-time favorite summer piece is the oldie, but goodie, mini skirt. No matter the silhouette of a mini skirt, it will instantly scream ‘party time’! I love a great skirt that will elongate and accentuate your legs. A bonus for my petite misses: a mini shirt will give you the illusion of longer legs.

Loving short skirts does not compare to my love of a great bargain and now we can get both with the Victoria Beckham for Target Orange Twill Skirt with Scallop Trim Pocket. The Orange Twill Skirt with Scallop Trim Pocket is currently on sale for 30% at target.com.

If you would love to rock a mini, here are a few options.

Ladies, how do you feel about mini skirts? Would you rock a mini skirt this summer? I hope this post will inspire you to step outside of your comfort zones and try a mini skirt. Upload pics of your fabulous mini skirt style in the comments section. Until next time ladies, I hope you enjoy this sample.


  1. I thought I was the only one that would sing that song all over the house! LOL!!!!

    1. I loved that song....lol... it was so fitting for such a fun look. I love a mini skirt to show these legs.