Cut it, cut it…….Your dresses are too long you need cut it…. Your pants are way too long you need to cut it… cut it. Yes Ladies, you should cut it.

Have you ever seen a dress or pair of pants that you were totally in love with but the length would not allow it to be great? Well Ladies, I am here to tell you that alterations are the way to go. Having a great tailor will take your garment to the next level. Something so small can be totally life changing. For a small fee, a tailor can give you a custom fit.

Here are a few tips when considering getting your garments tailored.

  1. Have a vision of the look in mind
  2. Explain to the tailor what your vision is
  3. Be open to the tailor’s suggestions for a custom fit
  4. Go back for fittings until you receive the desired fit

When I saw the Cold Shoulder Contrast Dress,  immediately knew this beauty would meet the tailor. I loved the structure of this dress, but it was just too long for my liking. With several inches cut off, now I have the perfect dress for Spring brunches and Summer lunches.

I hope you enjoyed this sample Ladies, until next time.


  1. Yes!! The lenght on this is perfect! I definitely need to find a good tailor cause I have some items that are just too long.

    1. Thanks Booskie!!! The length is perfect for all occasions. The belt brings the dress up a little to make it sexier and sassy but overall a great looks. Finding a great tailor is hard to find.

  2. Great ideas. Thank you so much. On another note. What moisturizer do you use? You have amazing legs so that helps but your skin always looks glowy and super moisturized.Love your blog. Thank you. Vivxxx

    1. Viv, thank you so much. I use Queen Helene Cocoa Butter. It's sold at Wal-mart and Family Dollar. You are just too sweet. Thank you again. I love you for taking time out of your day to comment.