I Am the Bomb!!

I am the BOMB! Lol. Don't worry, I'm not trying to revive the ‘90s. Although, you may feel like reviving this totally trendy and unforgettable bomber fashion.  Bombers are back with a vengeance and are a style trend that can accentuate your favorite pair of jeans, denim skirt, or your go-to-dress. Versatility is at 100%.

The major advantage of bomber jackets are their versatility in one’s wardrobe for style and conventional weather purposes. Style-wise, go for a casual weekend look while hanging out with the girls or even a movie night with Bae, a bomber with your favorite pair of jeans can take your casual wear to another level. For finicky weather, a bomber is the perfect accessory to battle the bi-polar weather temps.

With the weekend in mind, I kept this look minimal so the Ashley Nell Tipton for Boutique + Bomber Jacket-Plus would be the key piece. Wearing a darker tank provides contrast to emphasize the beautiful floral print of the bomber. The bomber was paired with my favorite Celebrity Pink jeans in King Lagoon to add a slight pop of color. For an additional pop of color,magenta pumps will set this look off just right. Now, this is the bomb outfit.

Ladies, do you wear bombers? If not, would you wear a bomber? I must admit that I was not a fan of them in the past, but today’s bomber are so fun, flirty and girly that I am completely open to them.

Until next times Ladies, I hope you enjoy this sample.

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