TULLING into Spring!

It’s time to officially TULLE our way into Spring. When one thinks of Spring, bright colors and light fabrics come to mind. Imagine the wind blowing through your hair, the birds chirping while having lunch on the patio. Ok, if you can not tell, I am sssoooo ready for the weather to break to TULLE our way into Spring.

Tulle skirts made a major comeback in 2014 but let’s bring them into 2017. Tulle skirts are normally cliche’ for weddings or dance recitals, but over the past few years, tulle skirts have made their way into several women’s closets. No matter the color or length, the tulle skirt made its’ way into our wardrobe. Brands have even incorporated embroidery, patches, embellished with tassels and even different appliques. No matter the occasion the tulle skirt has paved its way into our daily wardrobe.  

If you will like to TULLE into Spring, here are some great options.
For a fresh spring look, I paired the Society+ Premium Tutu - Long Champagne with the 6th & Lane Unstructured Sweater with Guess Binum Tasseled-Tie Pum in teal. Of course some bling is needed so I added a statement to balance out this look.

Ladies, I hope you are ready to Tulle into the Spring. Until next time, I hope you enjoyed this sample.

*Photos are courtesy of Charis Solutions Photography

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