How to Wear Stripes in the Workplace

Times have changed. What we previously thought about business-wear is no longer the “norm”. Some corporate environments now allow for fashion freedom; While others still hold on to a more conservative vibe.

I remember working in Corporate America and thinking about how much I disliked the dress code. Professional dress in those years were so plain and boring with blues, blacks, greys, and the occasional browns. I remember shopping for items and thinking if it would be appropriate for the workforce. Talk about boring.

Now that we have a license to dress with more freedom, add a little flare to your workfit. Go bold! Try stripes. Yes, Stripes. You can add stripes to your workwear to give you a sense of classic style with a fun flare.

As an educator, I look to be professional and comfortable. When I saw the Striped Double Knit Fit and Flare Dress from Lane Bryant, I knew this would be perfect for work. The fit and flare silhouette has contrasting stripes and strategically placed pockets which makes it the perfect workfit. Throw on your favorite color accessory and heels and you are ready to go. If you are the ultimate fashionista, throw on your favorite cape to make this everyone’s super hero. If you love chic, add your favorite collared shirt and/or your favorite necklace to make this look office-chic.

Wearing stripes in the workplace can be very liberating and motivating on the job.

Until next time ladies, I hope you enjoy add stripes to your workwear.

Unfortunately this dress is currently sold out at Lane Bryant but here are some options to consider.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So many stray away from stripes, but I love how you gave different options on how to wear it and any dress with pockets is a must have!!! Two thumbs up!