Every woman as a little girl wanted to play dress up. We loved the idea of putting on mom’s wigs, clothes, shoes, or jewelry. We had no care in the world how we looked but we felt great. I sometimes wonder where did this feeling go? Where did the feeling of no cares go? Did society change your perceptions of self?

Do we not love ourselves any more? Do we really care what society thinks of us? Do we look in the mirror and tear down our own self-esteem? This issue really has no size. Body positivity is a movement that is breaking ground in the fashion industry and throughout size communities. Yes, I know this is size-less but I want to talk to my plus-size women.

Why do we hide ourselves? Why do we mask our feelings and bodies behind black clothing or tented garments? Why do we want to be invisible? Now is the time of our lives to play dress up. Typically, Halloween is the one time that we take risk with fashion because many think it is acceptable. It’s cute to be Dorothy, Super Woman, Cat-woman, or even a sexy nurse. Why is this cute? Oh yeah! It’s Halloween.

We have to break down these myths Ladies. Stop thinking you can only break fashion rules once a year. You have the right to break every rule in the rule book. This is your life and live it the way you have envisioned. With the plus-size fashion community evolving with fashion forward brands like ELOQUII, Monif C, Beth Ditto, and Jibri we can play dress up year round. Fashion is an art in my opinion, we are free to express who we really are. Why would we want to continue to be a blank canvas. We have the bodies to fill out garments and give them life so why do we view this the other way around?

Ladies, let’s break down these barriers. Let’s step outside of our comfort zones and try some new trends. I welcome you to the dark side of fashion. Let’s challenge each other to embrace our bodies and try something new.

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  1. That's right! Be bold, be you and celebrate yourself!!

    1. Thank you. Although I lost subscribers for this post, I am happy I did it. If I was not pushed outside of my own comfort zones, I would not have done this post myself so I understand how others may be uncomfortable in their own skin.