Fall Glam featuring ELOQUII

Autumn has officially hit the South. Well, that was for two days that is…..lol… The drawback to living in the South is that fashion isn’t tied to the season.

I dress for the weather which tends to be hot, really hot and even hotter.  When a cool breeze comes my way, I definitely take full advantage of it.  I was thrilled to partake in one of the Autumn days. Imagine it: The weather was sunny, skies were clear, and a cool breeze ran through my natural hair.
Everything about the Autumn weather enticed me to want to twirl in the wind. Of course, there is nothing better than a beautiful dress that flows freely in my twirls. When I first laid eyes on the Studio Lace Ruffle Dress from ELOQUII I knew that something epic would happen in this dress.

As I was imagining twirling down the yellow brick road, I could not help but giggle when I looked at my feet. I was wearing glittery red heels. Yes Ladies, I literally clicked my feet like Dorothy and chanted, “There is no place like home.” I just could not help it. The shimmer of the multi-colored glitter just created a fun and playful mood. Keeping the mood light and playful, I paired this look with a fun and edgy satchel from Aldo.

Creating this look was definitely fun envisioning Fall Glam. The Studio Lace Ruffle Dress has so many possibilities in one's fall collection. Here are some ways to maximize your fall wardrobe featuring the Studio Lace Ruffle Dress.

  1. Add a gold plated belt, a black moto jacket and your favorite booties to create an edgy look.
  2. Add a thin multi-colored belt with a metallic flat
  3. Throw on a metallic bomber jacket and metallic slip-on sneakers for a more casual look.

Ladies, how would you style the Studio Lace Ruffle dress?

Until next time, I hope you enjoy this sample.