Prints + Color

Have you ever wanted to travel to Morocco to experience their culture? When I think of Morocco, I think of the rich jewel colors with their vibrant prints. When I chose the print to gave a gathered skirt created, I was immediately drawn to the print for its vibrant colors.

Some may be afraid to mix prints-on-prints or color on prints. Mixing prints with color can be so much fun. When you have busy and/or vibrant print, find a complementary color to pair with the prints. If you get stumped, refer to the color wheel for assistant.

In this look, the gathered skirt was made upon my request by Felica of Feesewcrafty. Please view her work as she is very talented and decided to her craft. The print was selected because of the vibrant colors and the print. When I choose this print, I knew of the possibilities of color play. I paired the gathered skirt with an off-shoulder white top for a clean crisp look. I accentuated the look with a vibrant color, yellow. Who does not love the color yellow? It reminds me of sunshine and happy days. To bring in the accent color, I paired the outfit with yellow beaded drop earrings, a large yellow wristlet (alternative) , and yellow caged sandals by Steve Madden.

What prints and colors have you paired together? If you were to were this print, which color(s) would you pair with?

I hope you enjoyed this sample ladies. Until next time, stay beautiful and fabulous.

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