#FashionFreedom Featuring Society+

Have you ever seen a fashion trend that you thought was adorable, but doubted if you could pull it off? Have you ever felt like there were certain fashion rules that you could not break? Well, I  am here to tell you to throw all of that out the window. Ten fashion-savvy plus-size women and myself have been chosen as Ambassadors in the Society + #FashionFreedom campaign.

The campaign shows you how to break 5 restrictive fashion rules.

1. Wearing White
2. Wearing Colors
3. Showing Arms
4. Showing Tummy
5. Showing Legs

Ladies, don't allow your size to control your love for fashion. Feel free to express how you feel through your garments. For example, think about that feeling you have or will have the moment you wear an all-white ensemble. Think about wearing your favorite color. Even if it's chartreuse...Lol...Black is not always the answer. Have your thought about wearing that one shoulder top or even the off-the-shoulder top? Oh! .... What about a maxi dress with a high side slit or a mini skirt to highlight those legs? I can't be the only one. What about the classic and a personal favorite trend, the crop top? Would you dare wear a crop top?

I am here to tell you that you can rock a crop top and show your tummy.  To answer that question in your head. Yes, I am serious. You can show your tummies. It's ok. Trust me, no one will get hurt...lol

The first time that I showed my tummy was in a cutout dress. I felt so liberated knowing that I was wearing a cutout dress exposing my tummy. Rocking a vibrant yellow dress with my tummy exposed, this big girl was super cute. Wearing that cutout inspired me to try two-piece sets. Realizing how comfortable (not to mention how cute) I was in two-piece sets I started to purchase more outfits geared to expose my tummy.

Partnering up with society+ is the perfect opportunity to spread self-love. You can not have a positive body image without self-love. Let's challenge each other to break one or all of the rules. Share your looks using the hashtag #FashionFreedom and #IAmSocietyPlus. Check out what the other Society+ Ambassadors had to say here!

I can not wait to see your tummies!!!

*This post is sponsored but all thoughts, ideas, and opinions are my own.

Crop, Skirt, and Cardigan are from Society+

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