Soft Pink Ladies

Have you ever fell in love? Well, when I saw this skirt from ELOQUII, I just knew that cupid struck me. It made me think of strolling through Paris over the lovers' bridge. That's how much I was in love with it. But alas, it was really infatuation because I purchased this skirt back in January with every intention on wearing it faithfully and haven't touched it.

When I rediscovered this skirt, I immediately thought of shopping in Paris. My imagination was taking me to a place in my mind where I was walking down a Parisian street shopping with my friend girl (yes, I said that correctly, lol) and we stopped for coffee while my skirt kept everyone's eyes on me.

In my vision, I paired the Studio Floral Organza Midi Skirt with a soft pink off the shoulder
top. The inspiration of this look is romance, soft and feminine. Keeping the soft and sensual palette, I
accentuated the outfit with light blue accents. The necklace and earrings are from my
subscription from the Rocksbox. The Loren Hope Blythe Necklace in Ice Blue was a great
addition to complete the look.

To really bring the look together, I paired the Blythe Necklace with the Loren Hope Mirabel earrings to add a touch of elegance. Although the clutch isn’t Parisian inspired, I remembered feeling the same inactivating tingle when I spotted this beautiful baby blue clutch from Louise and
Eleanor at a blogger event.

My imagination took me away to Paris with this look. Where would you go with a similar look?

Until next time Ladies, I hope you enjoy this sample.

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  1. Clearly this look is EVERYTHINGGGGGG and I want one of everything, LOL! Love it Beautiful!!!