Light and Airy

Summer's Here!!!!

I can feel the heat, already. The sun ain't the only things that's hot, though. This heat has given me inspiration for my wardrobe. It has me selecting pieced that are lightweight and flowy.

However, for some of us, "flowy" can translate to jiggly. Oops, did I say that? Lol.. That's why the Gods invented shapewear. I personally love shapewear with dresses, but shapewear isn't your friend in this Summer heat. We need an answer and I found one. I selected the printed, tiered maxi dress from Lane Bryant. The flowy material allows us to be free to jiggle without anyone noticing.

The advantages of this maxi dress is the shapeless cotton material. Ladies, I know we all like to have a defined waist and be snatched, but the key to summer is light and airy. This maxi is gorgeous when worn shapeless or with a belt for a more defined waistline. Please check out my blogger boo, Jeneise, of Je ne sais quoi post on a shapeless summer here as she describes her love for this dress shapeless figure.

When styling the printed tiered maxi dress, I kept it very simple. The bold tribal print is eye-catching with its neon orange, cobalt blue, and lime green accents. the dress is showcased with a corded tassel belt for a defined waist and without a belt. Since the base color is neutral, I accessorized with several shades of blue. Yes ladies, you can accessorize with multiple colors in the same color family and not seem matchy-matchy.

Ladies, I hope you love this light and airy look for summertime. Until next time, enjoy this sample.

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  1. Love this dress!