Polka Dots and Tulle

When I was a kid, I loved waking up on Saturday mornings to watch my favorite cartoon shows. I was in love with the Smurfs, Strawberry Shortcake, Thundercats, Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Let Me know if I'm by myself here....lol

So, one day while browsing on ELOQUII website, I came across the Studio Mod Collar Dress with Tulle and was instantly reminded of one of my favorite cartoon characters. It was something about the black and white polka dots with the tulle underlay that screamed 'fun, flirty, and playful' Minnie Mouse! When styling this dress, I had a little fun and kept it playful.

I paired the Studio Mod Collar Dress with Tulle with the Loungefly Minnie Mouse Die Cut Crossbody Bag from Hot Topic. This pairing was all about my childhood's (and probably your childhood's) friendly mouse.

Keeping with the theme of playfulness, I paired the dress with a black patent leather cut-out pump to add a little flare. The Essence pump by LFL by Lust For Life was the perfect look for me. This pump gave a hint of sexiness to such a playful look. Trust me, Minnie knew what she was doing.

Ladies, the Studio Mod Collar Dress with Tulle is a great option when you want to be playful or different. The dress speaks for itself; so, keep the accessories to a minimum in order to keep the dress as the star of the show.

Some may not notice, I had this dress altered to fit my personal style. Which is one of the keys to a great look. I am heavier on top, but have great legs. Acknowledging my assets means styling with it in mind. I had the dress cut about 3 inches to show more leg. The hem hits right above my knees to show a glimpse of thigh, but still hidden by the layers of tulle. If you are lacking height like myself, this is an option to make a midi-length dress work for you.

I hope you enjoy this sample until next time Ladies.

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