Embracing Your Sexy With Adore Me

Ladies, what makes you feel sexy? No, I mean really SEXY? Is the feeling of sexiness something that's on your mind or more-so worn on your body? How about both!?

Today's society continues to promote sexiness as a thin lingerie model lying strategically on a private beach. Well, the facts are that the average woman's dress size in the U.S. is a size 14. So, since most of us don't own a beach and are average size or more then let's break down society's view of what sexy is!

Sexy is a state of mind. So, be your own sexy lying strategically across your beach sand-colored carpet. Be your own sexy posting for selfies with or without duck-lips. Be your own sexy every month when your new Adore Me package arrives. Adore Me is a lingerie company that offers sexy lingerie line in regular sizes as well as plus sizes, Adore Me offers a monthly subscription service with an initial membership fee of $24.99. Everyone likes getting a pretty package in the mail, right?

Adore Me has empowered women to embrace their sexiness by offering multiple style options of bras, panties, and other lingerie. The sizes are made with the average woman in mind. The options for sexy sleepwear or lounge wear is a just. So, start our sexy outfit with the right foundation, start your sexy collection this month.

Below are some options that Adore Me is currently featuring this month . Please, take a moment to inquire about ADORE ME. Also, check out Loey Lane video featuring Adore Me here and ADORE ME Youtube channel to see the latest options.

Please leave your comments below on what makes you feel sexy or how you embrace your self-love.

Until next, enjoy this sample featuring ADORE ME.


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  1. Finding the right luxury bra sets is so important! I'm a D cup so I need a whole lot of support lol. I found an Under Armour bra that fit me very well and I literally bought 5 - all different colors! :)