New Year's Eve Inspired

Happy New Year! The new year is here and we should all hit the town and live it up. The new year always invokes new resolutions, reflections, and even new perspectives. This year, I wanted to end the year with a bang. A banging dress, that is,  for my banging full figures. When I saw this hourglass metallic dress in black from Fashion to Figure, I knew I had to step out for a night on the town. That dress screams,"Take me out!".

There is just something about the hourglass silhouette that makes your curves look even more curvaceous. Even those of us that have a lil extra around the waist can pull off this look. So, do not be afraid. This dress will make you forget about that pooch and give you life in so many ways. I paired the black hourglass metallic dress with Ashley Stewart's silver and rhinestone necklace, silver string earrings, and silver-plated rhinestone cuff. Also, I added a rhinestone clutch from Aldo, and Black Glitter Sandals from Truffle via Asos. 

For a more glamorous look, you could pair the black hourglass metallic dress with a neutral-colored stole and long black gloves to give you that sultry Dorothy Dandridge  or Lena Horn effect.

When I rocked this look, the reactions were full of awe. When I tell you that I had never felt and looked more beautiful than this moment, then know that this look can change your life too. 

So, raise your glass and toast to a happy new year, a happy new you, and a happy new me (wink). Until next time ladies, enjoy this New Year Eve's Sample.