Spring into Suiting!.......The Pajama Set

Y'all can't tell me nothin'!

Spring is FINALLY starting to make an appearance around the States and I couldn't be more excited. From the warmer days to the breezy nights, who wouldn't be excited right? For me, Spring brings about the most beautiful colors and florals. If you see my face as I type this blog post then you'd understand my level of excitement (Cheesing).

I know what you're thinking, 'calm down", I can't. Springtime fashion just excites me as I get to play with pastels and floral prints. All things girly. So this Spring, there are so many must-have pieces that should be in everyone's closet. I have decided to break this up into a series "Spring into Suiting".

First up, The Pajama Suit is a must have for the Spring. You may have noticed that the pajama set is on trend. Welp, now you will be too. From its soft material to bold prints, a pajama set is perfect for any occasion. Whether to the office, church, meetings, or an event launch, a pajama set will definitely make a fashion statement.

I must admit that I was skeptical of wearing something that resembled pajamas outside of the house. It wasn't until I saw the Puff Sleeve Jacket with Tie paired with the Flare Leg Pants, that I knew it was time to jump on trend. From the beautiful print to the colors and design of the jacket, I was instantly in love. Who could ever deny a teal set mixed with fuchsia? This is just a color match made in Heaven. Another reason why I fell in love with this set is its' versatility; from Winter to Spring this set will have you covered. It's as easy as switching your under-layer and shoe color and you are set from one season to the next. Thank me later,

I paired the Puff Sleeve Jacket with Tie and the Flare Leg Pants with a high-neck french balconette bra. Yes, it's truly a bra. So, we've got bedroom sexy all-the-way covered. The lace detail of the high-neck gave the look a soft and feminine texture.

Since we are talking about Spring......White pumps completed the look. Keeping on trend, I accessorized the look with white tassel earrings and a clear top notch handle bag.

Ladies, what are your thoughts on pajama sets? Do you like this trend? Please share your thoughts. Until next time Ladies, be blessed.

XoXo - ShaKera

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