Spring into Suiting ..... The Colored One

Just look around you as Mother Nature does her best work with beautiful and colorful flowers. She is undefeated with the hues. However, I never back down from a challenge. She better watch out as I step out in the boldest of the shades. 

Bold colors are a mood. Why wouldn’t you want to change some moods? Create some smiles. I’m doing it with the “Spring for Suiting Series” and the COLOR Suit. I know, I know. The Color Suit is a suit that is very bright, bold, and has Mother Nature in check. It truly represents the Spring with it’s beautiful pastel colors.

Here are 3 reasons why the Color Suit (Set) is a must:

              1. Very versatile. Wear the pieces separately
              2. Brighten your wardrobe while brightening live
              3. Make a statement without saying a word

I have rounded up some of my favorite Color Suits for you to try. Let’s get started.

The Green One - This Suit (Set) is a very rich Jungle Green. This reminds me of Mother Nature’s beautiful gardens with lush greenery. The versatility of this color through all season’s make this one a top contender. This Jason Wu 2-Piece Set is available at ELOQUII. Jacket | Pants

The Red One - This Set is a showstopper due to its bold color and side ruffle. Serve the people some heat with this vibrant color. They’ll definitely stop… and smile ;) The ruffle is detailed with gold military inspired buttons adds feminine details so that it’s soft enough to wear at special occasions. If you like straight leg pants, this is the set for you. The set is sold individually at ELOQUII. Blazer | Pants

The Yellow One - This one is fire. The sun may be out, but you’re the one that’s shining. The Yellow Set is a must have because it’s a mood changer. When you walk in the room, yellow instantly hanging the mood to pure happiness. What I love about this set is the high waisted pants with an elastic band. This set is sold individually at ELOQUII. Blazer | Pants

The Blue One - A Powder Blue Suit is just a must have. We’ve aimed for the Sky for this color. Just have to have it….lol. From the structure of the blazer to the straight leg trouser, this set is just stunning for any occasion. This set is sold individually at Lane Bryant. If you are interested in this set, make sure to try on the pieces. The blazer is cut smaller than it’s pink version all over in my opinion. The matching Allie pants definitely runs small if you are an apple shape. Blazer | Pants

The Magenta/Violet One - Talk about making a statement! A magenta or violet suit is definitely one for a show. This is one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful hues. Delicate flowers can’t bloom more beautiful than this royal shade. The Bryant Blazer is a staple to Lane Bryant as well as the matching Allie Pants. Are you this bold to party with the royals? Blazer | Pants

The Pink One - Last but not least, the pink one. Do we really need to say anymore? It’s Pink….lol.. A Pink Set is ideal for the Spring as baby showers, bridal showers, and Easter are on their way this season. Pink is a lady’s neutral shade. This pink set would be perfect for all of the occasions. Blazer | Pants

For the Pink Set, I paired the Kiss Front Blazer with the High Waisted Belted Trouser with a white and black tie neck blouse. With work in mind, I keep the look fun and colorful yet professional. I completed the look with a classic black pump and satchel. 

Ladies, what are your thoughts on a colored set? I can not wait to hear your responses. Until next time, be beautiful and blessed. 

XoXo - ShaKera

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