2017 - What I learned

This year! Wow! 2017 was a year. I am not sure where to start in recapping this past year. I must start
by pouring out my heart to each and every one of you. Without you, The Real Sample Size would not
be the platform that it is today. I am truly humbled that I am able to expose women all around the
world to new brands, looks, fit expectations, and self-awareness that they deserve.

This year has been filled with so much joy and heartache, but it is all in stride for a fantastic 2018.
Here are some life sessions that were learned this year.

  1. People love my confidence:
  • I have learned that people who interact with me online or in person will walk away loving my confidence and self-awareness.  If we all truly believe in ourselves and our power, we will be so dynamic in all levels of our lives. I truly love being able to impact individuals, whether it’s my students or women I meet in the community, with encouragement of their own self-love. That has been the greatest gift I can give. 

      2) People hate my confidence:
  • I know what you are thinking. If people love your confidence then how is it possible for people to hate your confidence. Easy!!!! Those with low self-esteem tend not to understand my confidence or how they can harvest it. People will see your confidence shine through and immediately feel attacked. Since they are struggling with their self-esteem or self-awareness then they try to impose their thoughts and views upon others and myself. If they have body issues, they will try to tell me that I shouldn’t or should do what they feel is right for them. What people should understand is that which is right for them may not be the best for me and vice versa. If we can stop this as a society, we can get back to a place of loving each other.

      3) You will meet amazing people along the way:
  • On the journey we call life, we will meet some amazing individuals along the way. Whether it’s striking up a conversation at the nail shop, meeting individuals at a concert, or individuals at work. You will meet people that will impact your life. Now, I am a firm believer in my grandmama’s saying (in my Granny’s southern voice), people will be in your life for a reason, season, or lifetime but we have to be open. 

      4) Some people will no longer be in your circle:
  • Some of your closest friends and family members may no longer be on the journey of life with you. This is probably one of the hardest lessons I have learned this year. Individuals that have shared years with each other will no longer be apart of each other lives. Life happens, situations happen, and sometimes misconceptions happen. What I have learned from this is that you have to be ok with letting go and sometimes being alone. No love lost for the individual(s), but life has to go on.

     5)  Social Media has given EVERYONE a platform:
  • In my attempt to be more open and active on social media, it is an open invitation for trolls and their opinions. Social media allows individuals to grow the courage to be mean, rude, and down-right disrespectful to others in an anonymous or indirect way. Being reposted multiple times seems to be a positive act of others, but it is met with online bullying (being called fat and ugly). It highlights that SOME of society is not interested in uplifting each other. They would rather tear down members of their own community to their own benefit.
  • It is important that we build a plus-size community where all women are safe and free to mingle and interact with one another over their love of fashion or other happenings. We as women should support each other and build one another up in any possible way. This negativity has made me become more positive. I've created a platform to build a positive plus-size community that has a global reach. This year, I have traveled more frequently than any time in the past. These experiences this year have opened up a new world for me. Yes, social media has built a ginormous and opinionated community online, but I have been inspired to create positive and uplifting events within my city with fantastic people. Just keep a lookout for events to come.

Ladies as you head into 2018, what are some life lessons that you learned this year? Have you set goals for the new year? I would love to hear from you. Until next time ladies, I hope you enjoyed this recap.

XOXO - ShaKera

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