This Body is PERFECTION!!


I was truly inspired by Lane Bryant’s “This Body Is Made For” campaign featuring Gabby Sidibe. Gabby’s promo video is the inspiration to share my story. There is something about her words, “Her Weight Ain’t Cool and Is Not Sexy”, touched a part of me. 

All I could hear is my mom stating to me that I am too big. I can not wear this or I should not wear that. You need to get this weight off of you. You don’t need to eat this or you don’t need to eat that. This was my childhood growing up. Sometimes I wonder how did I turn out to be so comfortable in my own skin.

As a plus-sized woman in America, you can be frowned upon due to your size. My life experiences have molded me to be the most confident me I can be. Growing up with a mother that instilled negative body images towards me, I have turned into a fabulous body positive woman that knows how beautiful she is on the inside and out.

Now that I know the woman I am today, I can finally say hello haters, nay-sayers, talkers, and the boppers in the corners. (This is a Houston thing……lol)

I appreciate the nay-sayers because they help me strive to shine a little brighter. So I can honestly say, I see you watching.

I will continue to shine and stand tall as I walk into my destiny.

Ladies, no matter your size, shape, or background, I encourage you to walk into your destiny. Whatever dream you have, go for it. Start planning the route you want your life to take. You only live once so enjoy it the way you see fit.

Choose to LOVE and be HAPPY. Choose to live your life. Choose Freedom. NEVER LET SOMEONE TELL YOU NO. You can do anything that you put your mind too. You were created to be the best you that you can be. Live in your truth Ladies.

Until next time Ladies, know that you are truly beautiful.


Bodysuit - ELOQUII 
Custom Skirt - FeeSewCrafty
Shoes - Sam Edelmen


  1. Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful woman.

    1. Sorry I am so late. Thank you so much. I am elated that you enjoyed the message.