Channeling Carrie Bradshaw

Maybe I am telling my age a little but every woman knows or loved Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big. Carrie was that iconic inspiration that every woman wanted to be like. Carrie, by far, was probably the first on-screen fashionista daring to wear the unknown or outrageous styles. I know tulle skirts or "tu-tu's" have been around for ages, but it was something about Carrie when she appeared on-screen the first time in a tulle skirt. Ladies, am I the only one that felt this way about Carrie? (If anyone is wondering who Carrie Bradshaw is, this is the character that Sarah Jessica Parker played on Sex And The City) Ok, enough about Carrie but when I saw the beautiful tulle skirts from ELOQUII, I was taken aback to my Carrie obsession.

 About two weeks ago, ELOQUII introduced The Studio Tulle Midi Skirt. The Studio Tulle Midi Skirt is available in six colors: white, neon pink, lemon lime, black, navy, and wine. (The navy and wine is currently sold out so please sign up for the wait list.) I would share how many colors I have out of the six but I will leave that to one's

The Studio Tulle Midi Skirt is from ELOQUII's studio line that features the popular Studio Midi Skirt. The Studio Tulle Midi Skirt fit is similar to the Studio Midi Skirt. I, personally,  went up a size and love the fit  (My regular size would have been great also.) The Studio Tulle Midi Skirt also has an elastic band in the back to allow for some give. The waist band on the tulle midi is a satin-like material which provides a touch of elegance to the waistband.  The skirt also has an inner lining made of polyester which is very giving in the bodice of the skirt. The body of the skirt is composed of 3 layers of tulle. (I noticed if you separate the layers and fluff the layers, the skirt will appear fuller.)

Ladies, if you are into tulle skirts, please invest in this gorgeous skirt from ELOQUII. If you can not tell, I was totally feeling myself in this skirt.

I paired the Studio Tulle Midi Skirt with a blouse from Daniel Rainn. The blouse's base color is black and it is sprinkled with a color floral pattern consisting of pink, green, yellow, and turquiose.

I hope you are truly inspired by the Studio Tulle Midi Skirt as much as I am.


  1. I like this combination... Would you suggest one to wear a belt? What about wedges instead of heels?

  2. I like the Carrie Bradshaw Tulle Midi Tu-Tu skirt. The Outlook of your appearance is: Well Extraordinary, Confident, Sophisticated, and You Look Extremely Beautiful As Usual. I'm proud of you and keep up the Good Work.

  3. You've gotta start telling me about your shoe game!!!! Always on point. Where did you get those?